Friday, February 23, 2007

Caring for the Shelter

I most admit that I didn't do everything the way I described in my last entry. I have recently noticed that under the tarps I have for a liner has gotten very moist. When I was in the process of building the shelter, the thought of having a trench came to me a little to late to do it properly. As a result I have been fighting a moisture problem this entire time. I am leaving town for the weekend so I have taken out all my stuff down to the dirt level in the hopes it will dry out while I am gone. I am writing this so that others will know what to expect when building a shelter. There will be problems with moisture. Just be flexible and work out the "bugs." If you use more natural materials for the roof like bark or grass thatch, even if the ground is staying dry, expect the need to dry out the wall/roof with lots of heat. I would recommend using charcoal in a metal bucket. Just make sure you aren't in the shelter or you will breath in lots of hazardous gas.
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