Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Q & A

I really enjoy reading the comments left and have been frustrated because I can not respond directly back. I will from time to time use a posting to answer some questions.

Q: Is that a cat near the shelter?

A: Yes, his name is Spaz. He really enjoyed living out in nature with me for a couple of months. He has since disappeared and visits me in my dreams to check in on me. He was a really good friend and I miss him a lot.

Q: Can the digging tool be used for other plants besides dandelions?

A: Yes, the tool can be used for lots of different plants. However, do not expect good results unless you either take the time to find really hard wood like yew wood. Some soils are very rocky and when in the dry season can be very hard on the tool. Most people I have seen make or buy one made of metal.

Q: Can I come see your place?

A: If anyone wants to come over and share a meal with me or are more than welcome. E-mail me at so we can talk about it.