Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Urban Nomad:A Strategic Approach To Homelessness

I am very excited to start sharing with you my project for the summer. This is a personal journey for me as it is a continuation of my time I spent in the cardboard cave off of hwy 26. My goal is to develop a clear strategy for anyone to follow who wants to try living the urban nomad lifestyle.

Here is how I would define the urban nomad:
The Urban Nomad, these are people who is able to live in a city, town, or any populated area while providing for their own needs. They do not need cash for food, water, or shelter. Most people who see an urban nomad walking down the street will never know that they are "homeless". The urban nomad does not pan handle or sleep on sidewalks. Urban Nomads have established territories that they use for the acquisition of whatever they need for their daily life. These people are very mobile and can move easily outside their territory if needed.

Since urban nomads are technically homeless and living off of the landscape, there will be many skills drawn from many different disciplines. Wilderness survival skills have the strongest influence, however, there are other skills that will keep you safe and out of trouble.

Lets start with the general overview of these skills and strategies and then add more layers of specific information.

Like with all humans, urban nomads have very basic needs that need to be met in order to live.

If you don't have a source of air....your already dead and the rest of this won't really matter to you. So lets start with shelter. In my next post I will deal with establishing a territory and the types of shelters that you will need to have.

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