Friday, February 20, 2009

Children and Aliens

Sunrise wakes the morning
Mist in the trees dripping dew on the ground
Mother's breath touches my skin
Cooling my body

Touched by the unseen
Life, webbing its connection
It flows all around me
It flows through me

Melting into the ground
Moionless in Earth's embrace
Waking up from this reality
Body fading into light

Greeted by the trees
Time suspends
Horizon expands
Meaning interweaves with life

Reality Shatters!
Sucked back into the dream
Flames of fear consume the land
Life hides in the shadows

Drumbeats thunder in slow motion
Shock waves of fear ripple
Anxious. Listening. Instinct takes over
Pulsation disturbance grows louder

Aliens invade. Single file.
Steps pounding into the ground
Looking for life through their blindfolds
Rejoicing in an illusion

Empty hope strapped to their backs
White knuckle grip holds the crutches
Eyes focused down. Keep going forward
Distance remains. Must stay on track

Passed by unseen in plain sight
Dead space hides me
I move toward the path becoming visible
Every step is a silent prayer

"Farewell," I whisper into the wind.
"Come again," is whispered back.
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