Thursday, March 15, 2007

Out Door Kitchen

For about a month I was trying to do everything inside the shelter. I soon realized that it wasn't a good idea to be cooking and doing the dishes in side. Because most of the inside of my shelter is a sleeping area with lots of cloth, moisture is the enemy. Cooking creates steam that cannot escape properly because the top of the shelter has been covered up. Also, if water were to spill in the cooking or the cleaning up the mold becomes a real threat.

My solution was just to make an out side shelter that I would be able to use as a kitchen and an area for projects that can't be done inside. I decided that for my needs and for the location a lean-to style frame with no walls would work best for this shelter. I made the shelter with a slight slope to it to keep the rain from settling. The roof is very simple to build. I used a layer of cardboard lashed to roof frame. I then put a camouflaged tart on top and lashed it tight.

I chose this shelter for a couple of reasons. I did not want solid walls because they would be very easy to spot by an outsider walking by. This way I can hang camouflaged blinds from the frame and it will break up the shape. Second, I really like the idea of being able to feel the wind and see the wild life around me while I am cooking or doing a project. Keeping dry is really my focus here.

On one side I have a small table I use as a food prep area. Above that area I have baskets fill with food and pots hanging from the frame. Below the table I have a plastic storage container for my dry foods. Near by I have a small barbecue I use for cooking and grilling.

Over all I would say that my level of comfort has improve dramatically since I have been using my kitchen area. I feel like I am actually outside more and have room to stretch my legs.

This is my back rest with some dried grass for
the seat.
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